Tenants Plus The Lettings Evolution

Conducting viewings with pre-referenced and credit checked tenants provides the agent with peace of mind when negotiating the offer. The agent will be confident in the knowledge that the deal will not collapse as a result of a failed reference.

Unlike inactive property portals, there is no membership fee to use our service. We are purely results driven and believe you should only pay for what you get. Because they have already been applicant matched, we are not providing you with just a generic tenant lead but with a pre-referenced tenant who has specifically expressed an interest in the property/ies that you have available.

In addition, we do not charge you for receiving a tenant lead. You will only be charged when you need to access the tenants report and associated documents and this only occurs once you have an accepted offer.

  • Let tenants know all about your company by creating your online profile
  • Upload your property details either manually or using the Rightmove V3 feed
  • Get enquiries direct from tenants who have been matched to your properties
  • Arrange viewings with the peace of mind that the tenant has been referenced
  • Purchase the complete reference and credit check report for the tenant