How Tenants Plus Benefits Tenants

Moving home can be a very stressful and costly time.

Tenants Plus aims to reduce tenantsí moving costs by arranging for you to be comprehensively referenced and credit checked prior to viewing properties.

By using this service, you will ensure that your holding deposit is protected and not lost as a result of a failed reference.

Once all of your required documents are uploaded to your Tenants Plus profile, you will have greater control and consumer choice over which properties you wish to view through which letting agent.

  • Submit your documents online securely for referencing
  • Customise your preferences and get property matches via email
  • Only see properties which fit your salary and budget
  • Informed choice. View properties from multiple agents
  • Invite friends and create groups for house sharing


If you are interested in becoming a guarantor of a tenant registered with us please read the following information to learn how to get started.